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Dale Robinette
Founder and CEO

Dale’s career originally focused on penetrating the electronics industry. He joined the U.S. Navy as an Electronics Warfare Technician to obtain technical expertise. After four years of military service, Dale completed a business degree with an emphasis in Marketing and was fortunate to be recruited as a Sales Executive by AMP Incorporated which was ultimately acquired by Tyco Electronics, the industry’s largest passive electronics company at $13 billion in revenue.  

After a few years, he became the leading salesperson out of 500 when promoted to Sales Manager, becoming the youngest Sales Manager in the 50-year history of the company. Two years later, Dale became the leading Sales Manager out of 14 in the U.S. and placed into an executive rotation with a wide variety of leadership positions.

After 15 years at Tyco Electronics, Dale joined Peregrine Semiconductor as a Director of Product Marketing (GM) of the High Reliability Products Division. He built the business achieving a CAGR of 129%. After three years, he took on the role of Global Sales Director to help build out a global sales footprint. After three years, Peregrine was able to achieve 3X growth and get the company public. This allowed for an exit.


Looking for a way to give back, Dale became a Vistage Chair to help fellow executives achieve business and personal success, while maintaining work/life balance. He built two Vistage groups within a record 7 months with high demand to participate in these exciting groups. The same year Dale started a company called EPIQ Space and became the leading website for the Satellite industry to promote their products and services. A year later, he became the Best Practice Chair or “Chair of local Chairs”, working with fellow Chairs to help develop their skills.He continues to further his passion of working with fellow executives to become better leaders, make better decisions and achieve better results.  Dale became a certified Scaling Up Gazelles Coach, to help CEO’s and their executive teams execute on achieving their growth goals with proven tools and enviable results. 

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